Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day-to-day living

An assortment of faces and activities from the autumn months at Sunseed...

Graham leads a tour through the drylands as part of the 25th anniversary, talking about the history of Sunseed
Jef leads a workshop in caña construction

Tiling nears completion in the new washroom
Ciara leads the local permaculture group on a tour of Sunseed's gardens
Martin demonstrates the art of foot laundry
Thanks to Nye and Lucy for the photos!

Polytunnel in the Mediterranean Garden

As part of the 25th anniversary activities, many volunteers and staff came together to put up the polytunnel in the Mediterranean garden and stock it full of salad and greens for the winter.

Polytunnel in Mediterranean Garden

Doors and caña poles make the frame
The poles are covered in netting to stop the plastic tearing, while beds are dug out for the salad
The tunnel starts to take shape...
The plastic is pulled tight and secured with stakes

Planting starts inside while the doors are fixed
Plenty of salad and oriental greens get sown to keep Sunseed going through the winter
The finished product after a morning's hard work by everyone!
Thanks to Anna, Nye and Lucy for the photos!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Building a Rocket Stove

For the 25th celebrations in October, Jef held a workshop on constructing rocket stoves. Rocket stoves burn wood fuel at high temperatures, which reduces smoke production, making them simple, clean and efficient. To find out more about them, try Rocket Stove Design Base:

Jeff begins building up the base for the stove

Rachel builds up the sides with bricks

Nye adds more bricks as the stove begins to take shape

Nye, Rachel, Pieter and Amme look proudly on as their rocket stove fries onions for break

 Thanks to Nye for the photos!

Creating a Nuttery in the Drylands

During the 25th anniversary celebrations at Sunseed in October, volunteers and staff were hard at work to prepare the ground for a new nuttery...

Preparing the drylands. Ari, Nye and Leen start digging out a rainwater-catchment so that future trees can be irrigated, while Amy plants a fence of young agaves to protect the area

The agave fence begins to take shape
Happy faces all round as the water-catchment nears completion
Martin, Alice and Ari with the finishing touches
Amme sorts out an irrigation system
The finished product. Now all we need is some rain...

Thanks to Nye for the photos!